Apple Orders DRAM from Samsung Rival

The legal battle that Apple and Samsung have been waging against each other for quite some time now looked like it was finally going to end with news that the CEOs of the two companies have agreed to meet and discuss possible settlement terms, and with it the professional animosity that the two companies feel […]

Pebble & Twine, Sittin’ in a Tree…

Okay, maybe we’re getting a little obsessed with Pebble. (Only because it’s the best smartwatch idea ever.) But this news is way too juicy to pass up: when it ships, Pebble will work with another Kickstarter-funded wireless device called Twine. Which opens up the possibilities for both devices in wildly creative ways.

Pebble Keeps Picking Up Steam

The success of Pebble — the customizable e-ink wristwatch that syncs to your iPhone via Bluetooth — is mind-blowing. With a week-and-a-half still to go on its Kickstarter campaign, Pebble might just be on track to break $10 million in pledges. And now, they’ve got their very first partner app.

Video of Jonathan Ive in Apple’s Design Lab

Unless you’re at an Apple press conference, you’ll rarely see Apple chief designer Jonathan Ive on camera. Video captured inside Apple’s Cupertino home office is forbidden. So this video of Ive talking Apple designs inside the legendary Industrial Design Lab at Apple HQ is downright unheard of.