Messages Beta for OS X Available for Download

  Apple fans are already anticipating the impending launch of the newest version of OS X, Mountain Lion. One of the new features that will be included with Mountain Lion is the Messages Beta desktop app. Fortunately, Apple is giving its fans a look into this new feature with a the Messages app that can […]

Meet OS X Mountain Lion

Quite out of nowhere, Apple has just taken the wraps off of its next iteration of OS X. Dubbed “Mountain Lion,” it appears to be an incremental upgrade (akin to Snow Leopard’s following Leopard) that focuses mainly on bringing popular iOS apps and functions to the Mac. The big take away: there can no longer […]

More EU Doctors Now Using iPads At Work

We’ve read of the ingenious ways that the Apple iPad is being used in different lines of work or professions. The media has reported of how the iPad is being used by astronauts, pilots and even garbage collectors. Now you can add doctors to this list. A report made by Manhattan Research, a pharmaceutical and […]

Kickstarter: AQUA TEK S iPhone 4/s case is waterproof, ruggedized, solar charger all in one!

There’s a Kickstarter project for an iPhone 4 / 4s case that does more than just sleeve your device. The AQUA TEK S case is a bulky number that allows you to submerge your phone at up to 20 feet of water. But wait, there’s more. Apart from the ruggedized design allowing it to withstand […]

iPads in China Confiscated after Controversial Ruling

Apple has been involved in various legal troubles and we have reported on them extensively here in AppleGazette. Apple has won some and lost some, but this particular lawsuit’s outcome may be the most controversial the Company has been involved in yet. In a recent ruling, a court in Shanghai, China has decided that Apple […]