G-Form Drops an iPad from Space

The market for smartphone and tablet cases is a very lucrative one. Smartphones and tablets are an investment, more than an impulse buy because they are pricey so owners of tablets and smartphones will try to protect their gadgets from daily abuse and those near catastrophic accidents that would render them into little more than […]

iPhone Flashlight Saves Man

We’ve discussed the many virtues of the iPhone at length in so many articles. It’s a phone that can do practically anything. Now you can add “life saving device” to that list of features. A Frederick, Maryland man was recently rescued after being lost in the woods with the help of his trusty iPhone. Christopher […]

Cashing In on Steve Jobs’ Legacy

A company called In Icons made headlines this week by announcing their freakishly-realistic Steve Jobs figurine/doll, which is set to go on sale in February. Is this a loving tribute to a man who changed the world? Or a dishonorable product that preys on the public’s fascination with the recently-deceased?