Review: Squids

Tablets are slowly easing portable game consoles are the preferred platform for gaming. Tablets offer convenience (you don’t need to carry an extra device to play games) and a literally more hands-on way for controls. At this point, one of the factors where portable game consoles edge tablets is with game selection. But this fact […]

5 Unusual Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Steve Jobs

Apple recently lost visionary leader who was the master behind the ionic products like iPad, iPhone and iPod along with the personal computing. Steve jobs, was no doubt one of the most significant industry leaders of his generation. This legendary industrialist died after his long battle with pancreatic cancer on 6th October, 2011. All the […]

Learning from Apple’s advertising landmarks in the 80’s

I came across some scans of some of Apple’s advertising material for print. Though from the 80’s they clearly define an emerging Apple trying to break free from the conventional ways of doing things, clearly defining their ‘Think Different’ campaign. Personally, I do find Apple circa 1980’s to have been a more interesting one as […]