Emoticons Basis for New Samsung Lawsuit Vs Apple

It was inevitable that the ongoing legal battles between Apple and Samsung will turn petty at some point, and it is evident in the new lawsuit Samsung is filing against Apple. Samsung has filed a lawsuit against Apple because of the former’s claims that Apple has violated patents that Samsung allegedly has over emoticons – […]

Review: X is for X-Ray

Developer Touch Press might just be who Apple was thinking of when they invented the iPad. Their remarkable, acclaimed apps — which include The Elements, Solar System, and March of the Dinosaurs — specialize in making virtual objects tangible, letting you touch and interact with all sorts of fascinating things.

American Airlines To Start Deploying iPads To Pilots

The iPad is getting a more prominent role in the aviation industry. American Airlines just announced that its pilots will now be using iPads in all “phases of flights.” The carrier is the first one to be given the authorization by the Federal Aviation Authority to use iPads for flights. With the authorization given by […]

Review: Catalog Spree

From the popular (Sears, JC Penney) to the obscure (Spy Museum Store), there’s truly something for everyone in the attractive app Catalog Spree for iPad. You’ll find catalogs for clothes, electronics, gadgets, toys, gifts, tchotchkes, and even foodstuffs like the Popcorn Factory and Omaha Steaks.

iPad 3 To Be Released in Three Months?

Rumors are again swirling among Apple fans. The newest rumor circulating online is that the iPad 3 is coming soon. Very soon. According to unnamed sources that talked with DigiTimes, the newest iPad could start shipping by March or April, which is just three to four months away. Based on the release schedule that we […]