EXCLUSIVE: MacKeeper Says “Unethical Competitor Trying to Tarnish Our Reputation”

In April of last year, Apple Gazette published a review of a very popular piece of software called MacKeeper. Currently, there are over 80 reader comments on that review — most of which are extremely negative. Yet MacKeeper is a well-reviewed piece of software, with universally positive marks. So what’s going on here?

Apple to Fix Battery Issue with upcoming iOS 5 Update

The release of iOS 5, the latest version of Apple’s very popular mobile operating system, was met with a lot of excitement, which is expected from anything that Apple releases, really. But a number of people who upgraded to the new OS has been reporting that upon upgrading, they have noticed a problem with their […]

Put Your Apple or Tech Blog on BlogSearchEngine

Despite appearances, blogging ain’t easy. It takes long hours, commitment to timeliness and deadlines, tremendous self-discipline, and masterful marketing. Our sister site, BlogSearchEngine, has been redesigned and relaunched, and is ready to take one of those responsibilities off your shoulders.

App Store Security Vulnerability Allows Entry of Malicious Apps

Apple critics have long complained about Apple’s walled garden policy that severely restricts the ability of just anyone to develop an app for the iPhone and then sell it. You need to play by Apple’s rules if you want to get inside the so-called garden. This policy may be generating some negative spin for Apple […]