Spook your friends with HauntedFace and ZombieBooth this Halloween

Every year we try to find ways to spook our friends and this time I cracked it with HauntedFace Lite and ZombieBooth Lite for the iPhone. Yeah sadly no universal version yet but it works fine on the iPad. The app is similar to Photo Booth effects but turns your face into a horrendous mistake […]

Snarky Siri

Apple gave Siri a lot more than intelligence — she has a sense of humor, too. iPhone 4S users have been asking Siri all sorts of esoteric questions, and Siri’s not shy about showing off her sarcastic side, as you can see from these Siri answers collected from around the web.

Review: Squids

Tablets are slowly easing portable game consoles are the preferred platform for gaming. Tablets offer convenience (you don’t need to carry an extra device to play games) and a literally more hands-on way for controls. At this point, one of the factors where portable game consoles edge tablets is with game selection. But this fact […]