Review: Flowpaper

Simple and addictive. These are the two words that keep coming to mind when trying to describe Flowpaper. I’ve really never seen anything quite like it. Pick the color of your canvas. Start drawing with a single finger, and lines will appear, following what you trace. But those lines quickly take on a life of […]

All the Cool Stuff OS X Lion Will Let You Do

Lion is bringing 250 changes to your Mac, representing a fundamental shift in how you interact with your computer. You’ve probably heard that Lion is going to make your Mac more iPad-like, and that OS X and iOS could be starting down the path toward eventually merging into a single operating system for all Apple […]

Free Apps of the Day #19

What a collection we have for you today… Hope you’ve got room on your virtual bookshelf, because there’s practically a whole library of Vooks (ebooks with embedded, contextual videos) available, along with a traditional Chinese stringed instrument, and an app that automatically generates both the portrait and landscape images you need to make one of […]