How To: Change an Icon

Apple is known for its super slick application icons, but sometimes you just need a change. And you don’t want to dole out $30 for Candybar. While there’s nothing in System Preferences that makes it drag-and-drop simple to change an app’s icon, there’s still a way to do it, and it’s pretty painless.

Why You Should Be Outraged by iPad Subscription Model

A few months back, Apple unveiled its subscription service for content distribution on the iPad. The model first used by The Daily news app is now available to all app content makers, such as magazines, newspapers, and even video and music. Anything that’s published can be delivered automatically to your iPad without the need for […]

Review: iProcrastinate

Looking for a calendar/task manager for your Mac that’s both intuitive and attractive? iProcrastinate is a solid choice that just happens to be free. Developer Craig Otis came up with this smart app that’s available for both iPhone and Mac (an iPad version is coming soon), and syncs wirelessly between them. Let’s take a look […]

How To: Encode Real MP3s in iTunes

You know how it is. You’ve picked up a new CD and you want to play it on your portable music player. But instead of an Apple music player, you own something else, like a Sony Digital Walkman, Zune, or Sansa Fuze. And doggone iTunes will only rip CD tracks into Apple’s proprietary “.AAC” file format […]

Best iPad Apps for Watching TV

Watching TV on your iPad seems like such a no-brainer, it’s kind of astonishing that it’s not more prevalent. I mean, just the futuristic feel of holding a TV show in your hands makes it an irresistible idea. But there is hope. Aside from the iTunes Store, where you can buy or rent individual TV show episodes, […]