One-Time Special: Getting Free Data And Minutes From AT&T

To thank customers and convince potential subscribers to not switch to Verizon, AT&T is giving something special to iPad and iPhone users. Get 1,000 Free Minutes For Your iPhone In early February, AT&T announced it would be giving subscribers 1,000 rollover minutes to entice them to stay. It helped some reconsider defecting to Verizon yet […]

Review: Bumble Tales

Bumble Tales for iPhone, by Conjured Realms and Perfect Dork Studios, is a simple, fun-to-play match-3 game that’s essentially a companion piece to bigger and more complex PC game. Offering a slightly new spin on the ever-popular match-3 genre, the game presents you with a small, 7×7 tile screen with six different colors to match. […]

Do Something Good: Donate An iPad For Education

Following the iPad 2’s release, many first generation owners have decided to upgrade. While selling your old model is an option, donating it for educational purposes is your chance to do something good. Apple has announced a trade-in program that allows previous iPad owners to donate their last generation tablet to a teacher in a […]