GarageBand for iPad

Apple has just released an iPad version of the popular music software Garageband. At first glance, it looks just like its desktop counterpart but it’s actually much easier to control and has a few added bonuses. In my humble opinion, it’s a great app to own whether you are a musician or an average iPad […]

Review: Tetris for iPad

What can be said about Tetris that hasn’t been said before? As a puzzler classic, it’s probably one of the best-known games of all time. The gameplay finds you directing falling blocks into slots to fit them together; when you have a full row, the row disappears. But you already knew that, right? When it […]

Apple Gazette Reviews Mission Workshop’s Rambler Backpack

As an avid cyclist and urban crawler I was enthusiastic about Mission Workshop’s Rambler Backpack. MW was kind enough to send me a review Rambler (Medium size) and I’m happy to report it’s great for gearheads, students and those who need their office on the go. It’s spacious, comfortable and extremely durable. About The Bag […]

The iPad 2 Takes On Consoles

During the iPad 2‘s debut, Apple took every opportunity to promote its powerful graphics engine and 1080p output capability. Developers are updating their Apps to take advantage of the iPad’s faster hardware and already we’re seeing Apps that put the tablet in console gaming territory. Real Racing 2 HD is one of the latest Apps […]