Review: Bayo Bongo

While some games challenge your ability to button-mash or tap your touchscreen in time with a particular rhythm, Bayo Bongo sets out to test just how fast you can tap your iPad’s screen at all. The game’s deceptively simple premise is that it shows you a screen filled with blocks of varying colors; your aim […]

Using CoreMidi With The iPad To Bring Out Your Inner Musician

Many people discount the iPad’s ability to create something useful like illustrations, videos or even music. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned musician, you can use a plethora of hardware and apps to create a unique sound with your iPad. Create Digital Music shot a very useful video that breaks down the basics of […]

Welcome to the new Apple Gazette!

Hello readers and new visitors! The team at Splashpress Mediaa would like to introduce you to the new Apple Gazette. Apple Gazette now sports a new design to better structure content and provide a more intimate browsing experience. In addition to an aesthetic revamp, a directory has been added to the site giving you a […]

Should I wait for Sandybridge MacBook Pros? Yes and no

Everyone has been eagerly awaiting the newest update to the MacBook line who have been teased by rumors and speculation. Unfortunately, Intel recently announced a massive recall of all Sandybridge CPUs due to a chipset flaw which causes it to break down overtime. While I could quip Intel shouldn’t have initiated a recall in the […]

Next generation Macs delayed due to defective Sandybridge parts

The next generation of Macs, particularly the MacBook and iMac are set to receive the newest line of Intel CPUs and chipsets dubbed Sandybridge. The new CPU architecture would bring increased power efficiency and faster clock speeds to any Macs that utilize Intel’s Core i5 and i7 CPUs. Intel’s recall of Sandybridge parts could delays […]