Current supply of MacBook Pros running dry, new model expected soon

Are you thinking of buying a new MacBook Pro? You may want to wait. MacRumors points to evidence from resellers that their stocks of 15 and 17-inch MacBook Pros are running low. Amazon reports a 1 to 2 month delay on 17-inch MacBook Pros while Apple retains a shipping status of “within 24 hours.” Low […]

Reminder: Verizon iPhone pre-orders start February 3rd at 3AM EST

For those wanting to pre-order the Verizon iPhone 4, we have some news for you. Mac Rumors received an email from Verizon that reveals some important pre-order information. While February 3rd — a full week before launch — was announced as the official pre-order date, it was unclear what time the ordering process opened and […]

Verizon’s ‘unlimited’ data plans for iPhone 4 to end soon

One of the biggest selling points for Verizon is the inclusion of an unlimited data plan with the iPhone 4. However, unlimited data will be going away very soon for iPhone users. Lowell McAdam, Verizon’s COO, confirmed the move away from an unlimited data plan for iPhone users. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, McAdam […]

Limited Production Of iPad 2 Starting Early February, iPhone 5 To Follow In May

The iPad 2 is coming soon according to reports compiled by various rumors and news sources. While some specs are coming in to light such as FaceTime support and a new, tapered covered other details are constantly changing. There’s been debate on whether the iPad 2 will have a Retina display, and if so what […]

When Video Streaming, Unlimited Data Is A Must

The iPhone is an amazing device capable of doing so much. One of the best features is video recording and being able to stream content wherever you are. However, it’s a very data intensive task. To compensate for downloading and streaming tens or even hundreds of megabytes, you’ll need a mobile plan that can handle […]

Apple posts best earnings call, can fare well with or without Jobs

Yesterday was Apple’s earnings call and the company posted one of the best quarters it has ever had following the holiday rush. While Apple’s stock dipped following the news Steve Jobs would be taking a other medical leave of absence, the company can prove that it can beat expectations even without Jobs at the helm.. […]