SIM Card Rumors: Apple Working To Create Integrated SIM Card

GigaOM has an interesting post up about how Apple is working with suppliers to create a universal SIM card. Of course, it’s got a scandalous title, but it really doesn’t seem like quite the horrific tale: Sources inside European carriers have reported that Apple has been working with SIM-card manufacturer Gemalto to create a special SIM card […]

The History of Online Video

Apple fans usually are among the first ones to enjoy new technology, often even to help new technology become a standard. Examples are Firewire (hold your hand up if you have actually something plugged in to your FW port right now), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and definitely the internet as a streaming platform. Quicktime, Apple trailers and […]

Nintendo Fears Apple

[Image via AppAdvice] I’ve been playing video games since the Atari 2600, and I have a real addiction to all things Mario. Seriously, I’ve even considered a tattoo on the subject. But apparently, Nintendo is a bit afraid of Apple. From Forbes: Content. Ask Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime what gives Nintendo an edge […]

White iPhone Delayed

Is anyone really still waiting for the white iPhone 4? If they are, they’ve got another few months. From Reuters: Oct 26 (Reuters) – Apple Inc (AAPL.O) said on Tuesday that it would delay release of its eagerly anticipated white iPhone again, this time until next spring. The latest version of the popular handset, the […]

Incase Releases New Sling Case for iPad

Seems like there’s always a different type of iPad bag coming out on the market, and now we’ve got a cool one from incase. It’s called the Field Bag, and it’s a neat little thing. Here’s the official scoop: Our Coated Canvas Field Bag is a low-profile sling-style bag that lets you access your iPad […]

Going Old School with your MacBook Air

I love army bags, and I love things that are recycled from old goods. This particular goody falls right into both of those categories. It’s called the iSockit, and here’s the deets: The iSockitâ„¢ 11-inch MacBook Air case features eccentric sling-flap closure and oversized front pocket (measures about 6.5″x7″, 16.5×17.8cm). I designed the iSockitâ„¢ padded […]

The iPhone 4 Movie and Photo Essay

People are doing some pretty amazing things with their iPhones, particularly the iPhone 4. We’ve seen movies before, but this one is particularly cool. Here’s the info on Aaron Rose’s film Kruezberg, showcased on incase’s website: Kreuzberg is a short film by Aaron Rose shot on location in Berlin using his iPhone 4. Since the […]