The Perfect Bag For Your iPad – A Military Map Bag

In a sea of look-a-like accessories and overpriced cases, how do you find something practical yet affordable for your iPad? The best place to look for a map bag is an army surplus store. Map bags are available from most Army surplus stores and fit the iPad snugly. Most map bags are made from cotton […]

FingerPrint For The Mac Brings Back AirPrint Support

The newest Application from Collobos Software, FingerPrint, will have iPad users jumping for joy – it brings back AirPrint support to Mac OS X 10.6.5. FingerPrint is a simple application that tells your iPad the printer connected to your Mac is AirPrint compatible. This App bypasses the need for Terminal commands and other workarounds that […]

Could iOS 4.2 For iPad Be Delayed?

iPhone World reports on a rumor that iOS 4.2 for iPad won’t be released until November 24th – a week away. Friday, Apple seeded out a new build of iOS 4.2 aimed at fixing a WiFi connection issue plaguing the iPad. However, the public release of iOS 4.2 may not come until November 24th. This […]

Review: LEGO Creationary

LEGO has released a clever little game for the iPad, and it’s entirely free. Based on the LEGO board game Creationary, the object is simple: while you watch as the game builds something, you have to guess what’s being built. The game gives you four possibilities to choose from, and you have to pick which […]

The Beatles – Now On iTunes

Minutes ago Apple revealed The Beatles are now on iTunes. The Beatle’s 13 studio albums are available for download from the iTunes Store at 99¢ to $1.29 per song. The band’s complete box set is available for download at $149. The addition of The Beatles’ catalog to the iTunes store has been the center of […]

Apple Teases iTunes Announcement – Music In The Cloud?

Apple has teased a new announcement tomorrow regarding iTunes. The question on everyone’s mind: what is it about? Visiting Apple’s home page today reveals a teaser, in typical cryptic Cupertino fashion: “Tomorrow is just another day. That you’ll never forget.” Rumors and speculation have fueled the notion that Apple will be moving iTunes to the […]

Review: Puff Puff

So back when the gulf oil spill took place, somebody thought it would be a good idea to help raise funds for the cleanup by creating an iPhone game themed around the disaster. (Yeah, I really just typed that.) Puff Puff is the result, a simple little side-scroller that finds you steering a blowfish through […]

Ping Comes To The iPad And Supports Twitter

Apple quietly introduced its social network for music, Ping, to the iPad bringing Twitter support and concert listings. The backend update allows iPad users to access the social network and connect with music fans or their favorite artists on the go. Ping for the iPad doesn’t differ from its desktop brother very much. You can […]