‘Project’ The Next iPad Magazine?

Richard Branson, best know for his foray in to major markets from space exploration to cell phones is making his way to the iPad with a magazine called ‘Project’. Yahoo that Branson is launching an iPad only magazine this coming Tuesday that will focus on entertainment, travel, business, design, and international culture. This is after […]

iOS 4.3 Coming Mid December With Newscorp’s iPad “Newspaper?”

Rumors are stirring that Apple is already developing iOS 4.3 for a mid-December launch and will include an iPad exclusive “newspaper.” While Apple just released iOS 4.2 for the iPad, it’s already working on version 4.3 which will include an iPad exclusive newspaper which will be formatted for a tablet reading environment and will be […]

Fingers On Review Of iOS 4.2 For The iPad

Apple released iOS 4.2 yesterday for the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. Here’s my ‘fingers on’ review with 4.2 for the iPad. iOS 4.2 measure measures up pretty well. I use my iPad as my main ‘computer’; it goes with my everywhere. I make a living from it doing freelance writing so it’s important that […]

Rage For iOS Makes Slaying Mutants Beautiful And Fun! (4 Stars)

There are very few games that pique my interest – I’m not what you’d call a hardcore gamer. However, Rage for iOS has my full and undivided attention plus the cost of entry — it’s that good! Rage for iOS is another media marvel from id Software, the fine folks who brought you Quake and […]

iOS 4.1 For AppleTV Adds AirPlay, Voice Over

It’s a day of updates! iOS 4.2 for the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone rolled out today including updates to iWork adding multitasking support and AirPrint. Apple didn’t forget to neglect its hobby device, the AppleTV though. The media streamer was updated to iOS 4.1 enabling AirPlay and Voice Over. AirPlay is one of the […]

Review: Smurfs’ Village: Farming in Blue and Finally a Really Good-looking Farming App

Capcom has entered since a while the freemium game already and now has chosen to endorse the oh so addictive, and popular, farming scene. The biggest difference this time though is that Capcom’s farming game good-looking, well thought out is and has a nice nostalgic touch. If you’re older than 20 you probably have heard […]

HootSuite Comes To The iPad

The popular Twitter management App, HootSuite has made its way to the iPad. HootSuite is best known for its support of multiple Twitter accounts making it extremely easy to track replies, new Tweets and direct messages. The iPad App also supports Facebook and Foursquare status updates. Import options are available to easily migrate your existing […]

Video Trailers For iAds Debut

Apple has posted a series of videos on its website highlighting various iAds and showing the elegance of its ad campaign. The videos, hosted on the aptly titled URL advertising.apple.com highlight several iAds from AT&T, Audible, Campbell’s and Dove which showcase how intimate an ad can be on the iOS platform. Which is your favorite […]