Review: Ninjatown – Trees of Doom

If making a cute little ninja scale the tallest trees this side of Endor sounds like fun, then Ninjatown: Trees of Doom is the iOS game for you, available for both iPhone and iPad. Don’t be surprised if I wind up using the word “cute” too many times in this review. The cartoonish graphics make […]

Apple To Use Intel Graphics For Smaller MacBooks

Sandy Bridge, Intel’s newest CPU architecture. will be launching next month and will inevitably power Apple’s MacBook family. While Apple will be using the newest CPUs from Intel for its MacBook family, it will be taking a different approach to graphics by switching to Intel’s Integrated graphics. Intel’s newest CPU architecture, Sandy Bridge, is set […]

90 Second Song Previews Now On iTunes

A new feature is rolling out in iTunes tonight: 90 second previews for songs. The extended previews are only available on songs longer than 2 minutes and 30 seconds — anything shorter and only 30 second previews will be available. Will the extended previews make it easier for you to buy music from the iTunes […]

Mac App Store Still On Track For January Launch

A recent rumor claimed Apple would launch the Mac App Store as early as next week. However, Apple will not be launching the store until January as planned. Reports surfaced last week that Apple’s development of the Mac App Store and would be launching it December 13th. However, that rumor was contradicted when Loop Insight […]

Steve Jobs: MobileMe To Get Better Next Year

MobileMe has been the subject of criticism for its previous stability issues, lack of new features and annual fee. Justifying the cost for MobileMe became harder when Apple’s Find My iPhone service – one of the main selling points of the online service – went free. However, Steve Jobs is looking to improve MobileMe. A […]

iPad 2 Rumored To Ship February Next Year, Debut Shortly After

It’s no surprise Apple is developing the next generation iPad but the rumor mill is pointing at a February 2011 release. According to Digitimes, Foxconn will begin shipping the iPad 2 around late February to early March next year. The initial shipment is rumored to be around 400,000 – 600,000 units which would make the […]

White iPhone Coming Spring 2011, May Have Flash Issues

Apple has confirmed that the white iPhone 4 will be released Spring of next year according to in-store signage. 9to5Mac has a picture of Apple’s in-store signage which confirms the white iPhone 4’s availability of Spring 2011. TUAW has also confirmed through independent reports that Apple is claiming Spring 2011 for the white iPhone 4’s […]

iOS 4.2 Limits The iPad’s USB Support

The latest update for the iPad, iOS 4.2.1 contains either a bug or restriction that severely limits what kind of USB devices are supported. The cause of this limitation seems to a power draw limitation in iOS 4.2.1. Before the update, the iPad could support compatible USB devices that drew up to 100ma of power. […]

iPad In The House (House Of Representatives)

The iPad is Apple’s hottest selling gadget and has appeared on The Colbert Report to a misspelling in Paris Hilton’s Tweet. The latest appearance comes to us via C-Span: The House Of Representatives. A post on Politico says Democratic Henry Cuellar is fond of his iPad. “I’m always looking for the newest technology out there […]