Google Latitude Comes To The iPhone

Google Latitude, the geo-location based social network made its debut early last year. After being blocked from the App Store by Apple, Google Latitude is finally being released for the iPhone. Google Latitude, which launched in February 2009, was not available on the iPhone after Apple asked the search engine giant not develop an iOS […]

Ping Now Supports Playlist Creation And Sharing

Apple added new features to iTunes — playlist creation and sharing — to enhance the social sharing aspect of Ping. The new features were added quietly and are part of Apple’s interest in making Ping more social. Anyone part of the social network can import their playlists from iTunes and share it with their friends. […]

How Apple Made Touch Computing Intimate

Apple has made the tablet and the smartphone intimate. It’s personal, touchable and everywhere you are — a revolution years in the making — here’s how it happened. Touch computing was at the forefront of futuristic concepts for computers and has appeared in many kinds of gadgets over the last decade. It wasn’t until the […]

Jailbreak Detector No Longer Present In iOS 4.2

As developers find holes and exploits to Jailbreak and unlock iOS devices, Apple has been vigilant on developing countermeasures to these exploits by implementing tougher security measures in each OS revision. However, Apple may be relenting a bit as the API used to detect if iOS was compromised is no longer available in the latest […]

Google Docs Now iPad Friendly

Since the iPhone’s release, Google Docs hasn’t worked properly in Mobile Safari. Google has introduced tweaks and improvements over the years to make editing compatibile with iOS devices. After introducing a mobile version of Google Docs for the iPad, the desktop version is now iPad friendly. Google officially announced that the desktop version of Google […]