Ping Hits One Million Followers in 48 Hours – And Most Look Like Spam

Ping. I wasn’t sure if I cared about the announcement when I first heard about it last week. After all, I’m already deep into Facebook and Twitter, is there really any reason to add another social networking system to my list? Doesn’t anyone remember MySpace and the path they went down? Anyways, I figured I’d […]

Rules in Mail

It seems like every day that I learn a new thing about the Mac. Yesterday I was surfing the web when I found this article by Ben Brooks on The Brooks Review about how he integrated a system similar to Gmail’s priority inbox feature into his Apple Mail workflow. I instantly went to Mail and […]

Get a Desk for your iMac

The design of Apple products has influenced the look of other companies across the world for the better. Remember the other day I told you about a cool desk that a friend pointed out to me? Well it’s called OneLessOffice, and it’s pretty damned cool. I think the tagline kinda says it all: At one […]

OG AppleTV Gets the Shaft

When the new AppleTV was announced, I was pretty excited – obviously – but then I started to wonder about what this meant for my original AppleTV that was housed in the living room. The UI looks the same on the new version with just a few changes, so wouldn’t it make sense that there […]

FaceTime on the iPod Touch

If you had asked me two months ago what three things I could count on to be 100% reliable, I would’ve said death, taxes, and the iPod Touch is going to get FaceTime. Apple has been making a big push for the technology to take off since the iPhone 4 came out this summer, and […]

The iPad and iOS 4.2

[Image via Engadget] One thing that almost seemed to slip through the cracks in all of the excitement was the announcement of iOS4.2, the version of iOS that will finally unify the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. For the first time, every device will have the same OS and for the most part, the same […]