iPad is Kicking Butt and Taking Names

The iPad is doing all sorts of butt-kicking right now, and it’s taking away from the laptop market. At least that’s what the Wall Street Journal is saying: Best Buy’s strong results for the three months ended Aug. 28 were due to tight expense controls, increased sales of cellphones and services such as connecting televisions […]

Beef Up Your iPhone 4

I’m a car guy, and as such, I’ve seen many different things getting machined over the years. I love watching a lathe or CNC machine doing its work, and I could just sit there for hours watching a cool part get whittled out of aluminum. It’s fascinating to me. Which explains why I like this […]

Mophie External Charger for All Your i-Related Needs

Mophie is an interesting company. They’re known for creating cases for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad that also contain a second battery, making them last longer in the process. These aren’t cheap by any means, but for power iPhone users, they can be a godsend. Now there’s something completely different. It’s called the Juice […]

Review: Elevens HD

Simple yet addictive, Elevens HD is a card game you’ll get lost in for hours on end. Created by Sector3 Games, this $2 download has you searching your deck for cards that add up to eleven. At least two cars are required, but if you can use more than two, you’ll get bonus points. The […]

Watts – Keep Your MacBook Battery Tuned

When I was younger, I worked at Best Buy manning the cellular phone center. Back then, nickel-metal hydride batteries were all the rage, because they didn’t pick up a huge memory the way that Ni-Cad batteries in most cell phones at the time did. Since then, we’ve moved on to lithium polymer batteries, which perform […]

iPad Versus the World

[Image via PCWorld] There’s been a lot of talk recently about Android, specifically how it’s not living up to its potential. The problem seems to be with the carriers, who have been using Android’s flexibility against itself by adding new skins, making exclusive deals with apps, and even taking Google out of the search system. […]