Time Capsule: Just an External Hard Drive?

Computers crash all the time, and Macs are no exception. I once had a MacBook brick on me while I was on a two-week business trip, making my life miserable and forever losing a ton of important data along the way. That’s a mistake I won’t make again. External hard drives are the perfect solution […]

Review: Doodle Find

From KlickTock, makers of another favorite of mine, Little Things, comes this clever little no-nonsense title that’s a perfect puzzler to scratch that search-and-find itch: Doodle Find for iPad. The object of the game is as simple as they come. You’re presented with a grid of hand-drawn everyday objects, like scissors, dice, pencils, and trees. The game […]

Peeling Back the Curtain

Foul language ahead. Let me take a moment to peel back the curtain a little bit and fill you all in on how I do my job. I spend a good portion of my day hunting down Apple info, and when I get it, I report it to you. Sometimes I wait a day to […]

Bamboo Plated iPhone Cases

I could’ve sworn I’ve written about these guys before, but after a quick search, I’m apparently wrong. With that being the case, let me tell you about these cool new … umm … cases. They’re made by Grove, and these are made out of bamboo. For those that don’t know, bamboo is a super renewable […]

Another iPad Killer Contender

[Image via Engadget] If there’s anyone out there that can knock the iPad down a peg, it’s Research in Motion. The BlackBerry line of phones – although antiquated at this point – are still super popular in the enterprise sector, and may not be going anywhere anytime soon. Well yesterday, RIM introduced their next big […]

OSX on the HTC Shift

Oh, the Hackintosh. Everyone wants to put OSX on their devices, but they all know that Apple doesn’t condone it. Well the latest version of this is the HTC Shift, which received a custom install of OSX. Here’s the deets from PocketNow.com: Since its release, we’ve seen some users successful installWindows 7 onto the platform […]