Amazing MacPaint Art

Remember the endlessly epic MacPaint? All through my childhood and adolescent Macintosh years, I tried to master its sheer brilliance by creating hideous black and white abstract art with titles like “Square Dancing in a Blender”. Having zero actual illustration talent, I wasn’t able to manage much else, but I was ever in awe of […]

Yet Another iPad Wall Mount

Although the iPad is used for many different things, I’ve often thought that one of the best uses that hasn’t quite hit its full potential yet is home automation. It used to be that companies sold touch pads with their systems that didn’t look good and were ridiculously expensive. The iPad changes all that. It’s […]

The iPad Difference

[Image via Kimberly White/Reuters] I have a friend of mine who isn’t very tech savvy. She loved her BlackBerry for years, because she loves to wear down the keyboard with frequent texting. When the iPhone came out, she debated it for literally years until she finally caved in and bought it. Now it’s her favorited […]

Putting Together the Office

As I mentioned the other day, I’m going to be doing some work at a local magazine, and part of the deal that I worked out involved setting up my workspace with everything I needed. Since my computer is mobile, I needed to make sure my other components came with. Essentially, I wanted to recreate […]

TechCrunch Claiming iPhone to Verizon in January – What if?

There’s an interesting post up on TechCrunch that makes a pretty bold claim. From the site: Smartphones like the iPhone are built from a collection of components, which are sourced individually from suppliers—e.g. the iPhone 4’s cellular baseband (the core chipset used in mobile phones to handle voice and data communications) comes from Infineon and […]

New iOS Beta Adds FaceTime Feature

[Image via MacRumors] We’ve been wondering for a while now how FaceTime is going to work with other iOS devices that aren’t the iPhone, and according to MacRumors, we may now have an answer. Apple’s latest beta version of iOS 4.1 released earlier this week has offered the strongest evidence yet that the company is planning […]

Dish Network Brings DVR Scheduling to the iPad – and Maybe More

The other day, Dish Network announced that they had an iPad app out, allowing Dish Network customers to schedule their DVR remotely. From the official press release: Similar to the version available for the iPhone and iPod touch, DISH Remote Access for the iPad is a fully-featured remote DVR scheduler that provides DISH Network customers […]