Yet More Verizon iPhone Rumors

Sigh. It’s a Thursday, so I guess that means we’ve got another iPhone on Verizon rumor. Here’s the latest via Computerworld: If an iPhone does appear on Verizon, don’t expect Apple to change its antenna design, an expert said today. “The antenna could care less what the modulation technique is,” said Spencer Webb, an antenna […]

Would You Use Your iPhone as a Credit Card?

It was all over the news yesterday: Apple hired a new guy, and as it turns out, his specialty is mobile payment systems. Huh. From the New York Times: As first reported by Near Field Communications World, a trade publication, Apple recently hired Benjamin Vigier, an expert in the mobile payments industry who works with a […]

PSP versus iPhone

I bought a PSP a few years ago for use when I was on the road. At first, I played it every day, working the console until my hands inevitably cramped up. I eventually purchased a case for it which also doubled as a grip and second battery, which seemed to solve the problem. Thing […]

Review: Babo Crash

Bejeweled has always been an insanely addictive little puzzler. Available in lots of different formats, it’s played by hundreds of thousands of players on consoles, computers, and even an uber-popular version on Facebook. Sadly, there’s no Bejeweled available for iPad, but game studio PlayBrains has remedied that with its original title, Babo Crash. Though not […]

TwelveSouth Ups the iPad Case Ante

I’ve spoken pretty consistently about my love of TwelveSouth products. They’re well designed, thought out, and look great to boot. I have two of them here on my desk right now, and so far, so good. I’ve always been fascinated with their BookBook case for the MacBook, because not only does it provide a stealthy […]