Apple Presser Set for September 1 – Time For Speculation

Well, it’s official. Apple has announced an event for September 1st, with the image above being the big clue. So what’s it about? Time for speculation. 1. It’s going to be about iPods. This isn’t a huge stretch considering that September is iPod release month for Apple and has been for years. The big thing […]

The Multitasker

As of five minutes ago, this was what my desktop looked like. Admittedly, it’s a bit more scattered than I typically like to see, but it’s still pretty functional. Here’s what I’ve got going down. I like to watch movies or TV shows while I’m working, because it does a good job of being background […]

Google for iPhone Gets Pushy

Got the Google app for the iPhone yet? No? Go get it now. I’ll wait. [iTunes link] Now that you’ve got it, let me explain what’s new. First, there’s the push notifications for Gmail and Google Calendar. Second, well there is no second. That’s it, just push e-mail and calendar notifications. Which is huge. I’m […]