AutoCad Coming to Mac

My wife and I both enjoy Apple products, but I’ve been more into them than her for a little while now. That’s mostly because of her work as a kitchen designer, which requires her to use AutoCad and other Windows-only products. If it weren’t for that, she’d probably switch over to a Mac tomorrow. Strangely […]

The Biggest Alarm Clock Ever

IHome is known for making all sorts of Apple-related products, including one of my favorites, the Dual Dock Alarm Clock Radio for the iPhone and iPod Touch. What’s great about that particular system is that it’s not only an alarm, it’s also a charging station. Being that I keep my iPhone by my bed every […]

Pages Now Features Export to ePub

Sometimes, I like to hear about things going on, then let them marinate in my head for a little bit so I can think about it before spouting my opinions. For example, let’s talk about the news that came around last week: iWork was updated. Big deal, right? Not really, except that it also included […]