South Park Mega Millionaire FREE on iPhones

Watch out Kenny! Welcome the South Park kids onto the game show Mega Millionaire. As the hot pink haired Japanese game show host says on the “South Park FREE” application: “Here we make young greedy contestants on roller skates put their life in danger for petty sums of money!” The most famous four South Park […]

Integrating the iPad

My mother loves her iPad, but that’s no surprise. The other day she told me about how much the iPad had changed her way of life and the way she did things. No longer did she have notebook after notebook of lists and notes; instead, it was all on the iPad. It got me thinking […]

The Reader

I’ve spoken pretty extensively about my mother’s day gift of an iPad, but over this past weekend, another revelation came to my mother which she excitedly showed me. But first, a little background. My mother is an avid reader. She picks up a 300-page book on a Monday and it’s typically done by Tuesday night, […]

Free DC Comics App! Have a Happy 4th!

Read from the vast treasure trove that is DC Comics on the iPhone for free?! The “DC Comics” application provides many titles and series of comics and graphic novels that are available to preview and then download to a beautifully displayed iPhone or iPad screen. Get it here [iTunes link]. It is true that the […]

Rumor: iTunes in the Cloud

We’ve got another rumor going here, and this one is a doozy. The folks at Boy Genius Report tend to have their rumors straight, and this time, they’ve got Apple news. I’ll let them explain the good stuff. One of our reliable Apple sources has just filled us in on some of the company’s iTunes […]

Gelaskins for the iPhone 4

My wife and I have differing tastes in our iPhone accessories.While I enjoy the comfort of a plastic case, she prefers the look of a skin. For her iPhone 3G, she bought a Gelaskin case, but up until the other day, she couldn’t get a case for her new iPhone 4G. Now, things have changed. […]