Deja Vu: Apple Rumored to be Producing iPod Touch with Facetime

It’s July 9th, but it’s just a few weeks from the annual September Apple iPod event, when all the new goodies are announced to the world. So what’s the big announcement this year? According to CNet, a FaceTime-capable iPod Touch. Hmm … Sounds familiar. Rob Hennessy, the audio and telecom buyer for U.K. retail giant John […]

Welcome to the eParty Borders, Have a Seat by Amazon and Barnes & Noble

In my town, there used to be a Borders bookstore every few miles, until a few years ago, when they all started to disappear. I’m not hunting them down or anything, so it’s not like I know exactly where they are today, but the only one I’ve seen recently is downtown by my old work. […]

Logitech Performance MX

I’ve spoken here a few times now about my hunt for a mouse. I had a few requirements: I wanted it to be wireless, have multiple buttons, and not have some stupid dongle to make it wireless. After a long search, I wasn’t able to find something that was both comfortable in my mammoth mitts […]

It Happened Again – The iTouch

It happened to me twice on Wednesday, and at one point, I almost lost it. It was … the iTouch. You may recall that I have a little bit of a problem with the shortened nickname that many people have given to the iPod Touch. For those who don’t want to click the link, here’s […]

Start Getting Things Done with Concentrate

Although I’ve never been diagnosed with it, I think I may be a little bit ADD. There are many times throughout the day that I’ll want to do something, but then I’ll get distracted by one thing or another. It’s pretty frustrating, frankly, and leads me to working many a late night trying to finish […]

Family Guy Trivia FREE App Tests the Best

“What is the name of main female news reporter at Quahog channel 5?” If you answered “Diane Simmons” then you know your Family Guy pretty well. Get five ten question quizzes about the hilarious hit Family Guy in the “Family Guy Trivia Free” application for the iPhone [iTunes link]! Find out which friend in the […]