Apple Stock Slips, Rumored iPhone 4 Recall and Consumer Reports to Blame

I took the above screenshot yesterday afternoon. It’s Apple’s stock as of 4:03 PM Arizona time, and it’s down 5.49 points on word of the Consumer Reports decision not to recommend the iPhone 4, even though it’s up there in their ratings. This iPhone 4 antenna issue isn’t going away, no matter how hard Apple […]

Zombie Duck Hunt App is Currently Free

The current Number One in the Top Free applications section is the “Zombie Duck Hunt” App! For a limited time the tilt and touchscreen mayhem that is shooting down the lethal undead, now flying on rotted wings, comes to the iPhone in a complete version for free here [iTunes link]. Duck Hunt was one of […]

Apple Fixing Broken Time Capsules

Got a Time Capsule and you bought it between February and June 2008 and it’s having power issues? Turns out, you’re not alone. Flip it over, and look at the serial number If it’s between XX807XXXXXX – XX814XXXXXX, Apple has a fix for you: If your Time Capsule falls within serial number range above and […]

The Brick – Part 2

Yesterday, I spoke about my wife’s iPhone 4 randomly turning into a piece of masonry, and I got quite a few responses about it. Thanks for all of your positive – and not so positive posts, so let’s address some of the basics. Yes, I did try a hard reset. I’ve been doing that on […]

The Brick

Pictured above, is my wife’s iPhone 4 in its current state. That is to say that its current state is not working. As to why, well that’s still sort of a mystery. On the weekends, my wife and I drop my son off with my folks so that he can spend a little bit of […]

FREE Duke Nukem Soundboard App? Shake it Baby!

“There’s only two ways this can end…and in both of them…you die,” says the infamous voice of Duke Nukem. “So many babes…so little time.” The free “Duke Nukem” application [iTunes link] for the iPhone is one of the greatest spectacles to ever emerge to trample eardrums! The “Duke Nukem” video game franchise is legend, and […]