Free Run Pee App Allows for Pee Breaks at the Movies

The only thing the “Run Pee” application for the iPhone cannot do is pee for you! Every group has a friend that buys a ten-gallon soda and, despite using the theatre bathroom right before the movie begins, has to relieve him or herself during an exciting or important point of a film. Aside from the […]

Apple’s Data Server Center Ready Soon

[Image via Fortune, Video Shot By Bill Wagenseller] For the past little while, Apple has been building a data center out in North Carolina. It’s apparently going to be a server farm, presumably for iTunes. There was an interesting article in TechCrunch yesterday about the Q3 earnings call. Here’s the scoop: During Apple’s Q3 2010 earnings […]

Wired Outs AT&T

[Image via Wired. Photo: Mauricio Alejo] I buy a lot of magazines, but my favorite one is Wired. Every month, I look forward to the latest issue, and when I get it, I spend an hour or two pouring through the pages. This month is a particularly good issue, with Will Ferrell on the cover. […]

What is This New Apple Product?

[Image via Engadget] This one has been making the rounds on the old interweb a lot recently, but now, there’s new info. Let’s just skip to the deets from Cult of Mac: The FCC has approved Apple’s Magic Trackpad, which means the device could be announced as early as this week. A device known by […]

The iPhone as a DSLR

For those of you who didn’t know (or care, more specifically), I’m a photographer. I go out, take pictures of cars and trucks for magazines, and then sell them for ridiculous amounts of money. And by ridiculous, I mean 50 cents and a bag of flour. The other day, I was looking through some old […]