Graphic novels specifically designed for the iPad

Hardcore graphic novel lovers just might be shaking their heads. I know a number of people who will not even consider reading their graphic novels in digital format, and I totally respect that. However, there are also people who get quite excited about the idea of graphic novels being available in digital format. With the […]

Type n Talk for Free Robot Voice

For those who just cannot seem to spit out their words comes the free “Type n Talk” application for the iPhone. Catch people off guard with the robot utterance that speaks whatever the user types onto the iPhone touchscreen! “Robots have approved this message,” is spoken by a retro science fiction-esque voice. Type in, “Shut […]

Apple Returning Money for Bumpers

It’s being reported by multiple sources, but in case you haven’t gotten the memo, Apple is sending out e-mails to people who purchased Bumpers and is refunding their money. This is excellent news for those of you who purchased Bumpers and are happy with the purchase. But what about the others? I’m still waiting to […]