Genius Scan App for Free PDF Scans? Genius!

Another must-download for the student, businessperson, or idiosyncratic person who does not like to recopy notes of any kind is the “Genius Scan” App for the iPhone! The free application is truly…wait for it…wait for it…genius (sorry it had to be done)! The incredibly adept, detail oriented and ridiculously easy to use device turns any […]

Is the Apple Battery Charger a Big Deal?

I’ve had an on again, off again relationship with rechargeable batteries. Being a photographer, I tend to go through dozens of batteries at a time in my flash, and that can get pretty irritating. I’ve spent some time researching the issue, and either the chargers are too expensive, don’t hold *just* the size batteries I want, or […]

Hang Your iPad on a Wall, AND Get a Case, Too

The iPad is a unique device. For some people, it’s become a product that they carry around every day, and for others, it’s a utilitarian thing that serves multiple purposes but is still very specialized. For example, some people really enjoy using their iPad in the kitchen, so that they can access their recipes and videos while […]

Apple Introduces New 27-inch LED Cinema Display

The Apple display lineup has been pretty lacking the last few years. There’s the ridiculously expensive 30-inch flat panel, clocking in at $1799, and then the 24-inch LED Cinema Display, which is great, but doesn’t match either of the iMacs that it would otherwise complement nicely. One thing I didn’t realize about the 24-inch model […]

Mac Pro Updated – Finally

I was complaining just a few weeks ago about the lack of updates for the Mac Pro. Turns out, I just had to wait a little bit. Now, I could ramble on about how quick these things are, but let me just sample the traditional Apple speak for this one: he new quad-core Mac Pro, […]