Apple: What’s Next?

I was reading an article earlier today on ZDNet about what’s next for Apple, and it got me thinking. What top-secret project is Steve working on next? Jason D. O’Grady from ZDNet thinks it’s the car: Car tech is still burgeoning, but moving rapidly, how many cars now have some form of screen and menu […]

Warning World Cup Fans the Vuvuzela App has a Very Annoying Sound

One of the Top Free Downloads in the App Store is the “Vuvuzela 2010” application! Want to feel the atmosphere of the South African stadium hosting the 2010 FIFA World Cup? Then turn the iPhone into the classic South African plastic horn, and let the humming begin! The unique quality to the 2010 World Cup […]

Rumor: Apple Preparing For Record Sales

When the first iPhone came out, there were lines for days. When the second came out, same deal, but it was slightly better. Since then, things seem to be getting better, although there are still reports of iPad shortages and such. So how is Apple preparing for the biggest iPhone release yet? Apple Insider has […]

Pre-Order Time

As I type this, it’s the 14th, and my palms are a little bit sweaty. In my quest to be the first with new goodies, I’ve waited in lines for hours, spent most of the night in a cold parking lot with fellow geeks, and said many a prayer that I wouldn’t be there would […]

Remember That Post About Bumpers? Maybe They Are Cool.

[Image from App Advice] So last week I wrote about Bumpers, the new Apple case for the iPhone 4 that no one really seemed to care about. In fact, here’s what I wrote: Apple has a strong accessory base, and many different manufacturers make cases for every Apple product under the sun. One of my favorites, incase, has […]

The Battery Pack Battery Pack

I love things that are literal versions of what they do. OK, that’s a convoluted sentence I know, but the example above shows pretty much exactly what I mean. It;s called “The Icon,” and it’s a battery pack for your iPhone that looks just like the charging icon on your iPhone. Genius, right? Here’s the […]

iPad Tacoma Install Complete

A few months back, we told you about a shop that was installing an iPad into a Tacoma, and it turns out they finally got the job done. In watching the series, you can see that there were a few different issues with the install, mostly in sound quality. It turns out that when you’d […]