2010 New York Comic Con Official App is Here

The wait is nearly over and no amount of kryptonite can stop it! The New York Comic Con is returning to the big apple in October, and this year the NYCC is combining with the New York Anime Fest to become the largest East Coast popular culture event of 2010! People will be flying in […]

The Thing About iPhone Killers

I do a lot of posts about the competition for a few different reasons. Ultimately though, it’s because if we as Apple fans aren’t aware of what the competition has, then we’re just blindfolded loyalists – which is exactly what people see us as. But this Android versus Apple thing has been getting pretty ridiculous […]

Why Buy an iPhone 4? More Ram

The new iPhone 4 has a lot of features that many people want, but now MacRumors is reporting on a new one that makes the phone even more attractive. Here’s their report: We have since heard that the upcoming iPhone 4’s RAM has again been upgraded. This will bring it to a total of 512MB […]

Apple Sold a Lot of iPhones

I was pretty sure that when I tried to pre-order my iPhone on Tuesday that there was a reason why things were so screwed up. Turns out, there was. Quite a few of them, in fact. One of the problems was announced by Apple yesterday, and officially press released: Yesterday Apple and its carrier partners […]

Portal 2 Coming to Apple

Steam came to the Apple just recently, but it’s been taking off like crazy recently. I personally have spent a lot of time on the network, and it’s a blast. It’s fun to finally play games on my Mac without having to resort to some lame port for a three-year-old game. E3 has been going […]

The G4 App Features Booth Babes on the iPhone

Every fan of G4 Tech TV and G4TV.com should have this free application from the App Store! The official “G4” App brings the massive gaming and technological news source to the palm of ones game-callused hand. For fans of Attack of the Show, featuring the gorgeous Apple TV-licking bombshell from Iron Man 2, Olivia Munn, […]