[Photo taken with my OG iPhone 3GS] I didn’t get much sleep last night. I was one of those kids who couldn’t wait until Christmas, and would wake up hours early just to get my new toy. I remember waking up at 12:01 one year, knocking on my parents door and saying, “Santa’s here! Let’s […]

iPhone iOS4 Available: Are You Updating?

In case you missed the big news yesterday, iOS 4 is officially available for download right now, with all its unified inboxing/multitasking/folders packed goodness ready for your eager hands. But the big question remains: Will you update? If you don’t have an iPhone 4 coming this week, then this is most likely a no brainer: […]

iPhones Shipping Now

I was a little bit nervous yesterday about my iPhone purchase getting cancelled and/or delayed, but shortly after that post went live I received an e-mail from Apple saying that both of the iPhones that I ordered have been shipped. When I first checked the little box had been in China and Hong Kong, but […]

FaceTime Won’t Eat Up Your Minutes

When FaceTime was first announced by Apple, I got pretty excited. I’ve got a new child, after all, and his grandparents have iPhones. Using FaceTime would be great to show them when he does all of those cool new “firsts,” like today, when he had his first taste of bananas. That’s right, bananas. Doesn’t get […]

Reports: AT&T and Apple Canceling Orders

Uh oh. We all know that the iPhone pre-order deal was a giant fiasco, and now we have heard reports of canceled orders being sent out from Apple and AT&T. Apparently, this stems from a checkbox on the website, which if not checked, means that you’re not cool with accepting AT&T’s terms and therefore, not […]

Build Your Own iPad Case

I’m a bit of a do-it-yourself kinda guy. My dad taught me that, mostly with the woodworking that he does, and then later, with the custom car work I do today with steel and fabrication. I like giving myself little projects to do here and there, from the impossible to the fun weekender deal. The […]