FaceTime is a Big Deal

Of all if the cool new features available on the iPhone 4, I think I’ve used FaceTime the most. It started out with a FaceTime call to a friend of mine in San Francisco, then to another who was at a Starbucks in central California. I called my wife from the garage the other day […]

Find My iPhone App Will Track it Down

You’ve heard of Lo-Jack, and now there is the “Find My iPhone” application! Losing the iPad or iPhone could result in dropping another two hundred to eight hundred dollars on Apple equipment, so the solution to not getting one’s property stolen or lost is, of course, in an App. The “Find My iPhone” App uses […]

Specials Agent App is Here to Locate Drink & Dinner Specials NOW

Sales can be hard to come across on the best of days, but the day specific boneless wings deals, half-priced lunch specials and happy hour two-fers are almost impossible to plan, let alone remember…until now! The special agents at SpecialsAgents.com have developed the “Specials” application to covertly seek out and bring together any and every […]

Organization Nirvana

I’m a little bit OCD. I like things organized in their proper place, and I like things under a certain structure. Nice and tidy is the way for me. Shortly after I got my iPhone, I dove into iOS 4 and started organizing. I’ve been excited about the Folders feature ever since it was introduced, […]