Live the Kalm Sutra App for Ages 17+

The love making positions of the “Kalm Sutra” application are free to explore on the iPhone! The ancient art of making love is depicted tastefully in this App where the male Elephant humanoid meets the Lady Tiger and bares her a little more than just his heart. Well hello Lady Tiger! Education is the path […]

iWork and the iPhone

When the iPad first came out, I bought Pages right away, because I figured that I’d be using it a lot. So far, that’s not really been the case, and that’s mostly because of the syncing problem. As of right now, apps that live on the iPad stay on the iPad and don’t go anywhere […]

The iPhone Antenna Thing

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the iPhone 4 and the antenna. For those who haven’t yet heard about the “scandal,” here’s a summation. The cellular antenna is located on the bottom of the iPhone, and is separated from the other antennas by a thin black line. Some people are having problems with […]

An App Bookshelf

One of the cool things about the iPhone 4 and iOS4 on the 3GS is the customizable home screen background. This is also a problem, as some backgrounds are more distracting than others, and can detract from the overall clean appearance of the desktop. Where some people see problems, other people see  opportunities. Jeff Broderick […]

An Awkward Conversation

I’ve been married for two years now, and with my wife for over five. In the course of our relationship, I’ve had quite a few awkward conversations with my significant other, but sometimes, the subject can be a bit more awkward than others. I woke up the other morning and checked my e-mail, as I […]

5 Epic Apple Fails

iMac. iPod. iPhone. iPad. Everything Apple touches turns to gold. Or does it? Apple’s history is filled with mistakes and outright failures — products that even the most ardent fans shunned, and that Apple itself would rather pretend never happened. We can all forgive Apple its missteps, because you can’t achieve the peak of coolness […]

The iPhone 4: Movies

“Apple of My Eye” – an iPhone 4 film from Michael Koerbel on Vimeo. A few months ago, I bought my wife a Flip camera for mother’s day. I thought in the back of my mind that the next iPhone would come with a built-in camera, but since I had no confirmation and a looming […]