The Police Siren App is Loud!

Just think of the possibilities of having one’s own portable police siren and flashing strobe light. Well the “Police Siren” App is not amongst the Top 25 Free Downloads in the App Store for nothing. For instance, if a heavy-footed inconsiderate oaf in a car cuts someone off and nearly causes an accident, then the […]

iPhone OS 4.0 Has More Surprises In Store. SPOILER: No Cupcakes in the OS. Sigh.

Image via Boy Genius Report iPhone OS 4.0 beta 3 was released to developers the other day, and Boy Genius Report uncovered some cool little secrets about the operating system. So what do we have in store? Pictured above at the widgets for the iPod. If you look to the left in that little bar […]

Google Chrome Vs Safari

There’s an interesting article over at Business Insider, about how Chrome is kicking Safari’s butt currently, and how that will lead to the downfall of Apple as a company. Maybe I should just pull out a quote at this point so you get the idea. Last time, the software platform that killed Apple was Microsoft’s Windows. This […]

The Apple Remote

Oh, the Apple Remote. I remember when I first bought my white MacBook back in 2007 – my introduction to the Mac scene – and found the little white remote to control Front Row. I had no idea what it did at first, and once I did finally determine its use, I promptly threw it […]

28 Days, 1 Million iPads

Well that was quick. Just 28 days from its introduction, Apple has announced that they sold the millionth iPad this past Friday, on 3G launch day. I think the most telling quote of this whole situation comes from Steve himself: “One million iPads in 28 days—that’s less than half of the 74 days it took […]