Yes We Camera App Makes Political Posters Out of Photos

Ever remember back and think that the Obama-style campaign posters looked really wild? Ever want to make a statement with a photo? Okay, without getting political, those were some effective advertisements, and also made for great eye candy. The “Yes We Camera” application allows for any iPhone wielder to either snap a photo or take […]

Dangerous Convenience in Amazon Mobile App

The wondrous treasures of come to the iPhone in the free “Amazon Mobile” application. Look out! Wallets will be getting lighter by the minute due to the ease of access and the convenience of this excellent and effective “Amazon Mobile” App. The homepage has been shrunken to the iPhone’s screen flawlessly, and the […]

Review: Scan Business Cards on the iPhone with ScanBizCards

I meet a lot of people, and I always seem to be amassing a collection of business cards, whether it’s from potential clients or just someone I meet at a networking function. They say the business card is dead, but my rolodex doesn’t agree. There have been lots of business card scanning programs over the years, but […]

iPhone Theft Paperwork Opened Up – Looks Like Trouble

After lots of talk about the 4th-gen iPhone theft/loss case, most of the discussion had turned to speculation because there wasn’t much hard evidence to go on. Now the court has released the search warrant affidavit, and we’ve got a little bit more info than we did before. Curious? Read it [PDF Link] and discuss […]

Get Bauer Goal Light App in Time for World Cup, Stanley Cup & Flash Mobs

My favorite part of the FIFA World Cup football tournament, or soccer for the Americans, is the announcing of a point scored: GOOOOOOOOAAAAL! Any avid sports fan must highlight the rare breakthrough goals in hockey, European football or any game really, and the “Bauer Goal Light” application becomes a key part of the celebration. The […]