Apple Now Worth More Than Microsoft

I’m not a stock guy, and I have an accountant to handle many of my business items. As such, some of the subtle nuances of the business world are lost on me. Fortunately, I can read. Like this article from yesterday’s Business Insider: Apple’s stock market capitalization (AAPL) has not yet quite surpassed Microsoft’s (MSFT), […]


The unofficial iPhone fan App “LOST ADDICT” has escaped the Island and come home to be the mobile users who need the tools to save the world! Every day the free “LOST ADDICT” application collects from the net the most up to the minute theories, discussions, videos, podcasts, articles and blogs pertaining to the television […]

Steve Jobs to Do WWDC Keynote

That’s kind of a spooky photo, isn’t it? Anyways, as most of you have probably heard, June 7th is the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), and Apple has officially announced that Steve Jobs will be giving the keynote address. 2 years ago this wouldn’t have been anything shocking, but since Steve had his transplant, any speaking […]

Changing Tactics: Why You’ll Love a Mac

Well, it seems like our days of seeing Justin Long and John Hodgman play dueling computers may have finally come to an end. Apple seems to have removed the popular “I’m a Mac” line of advertisements from their site, and replaced them with this new bit of marketing: Why You’ll Love a Mac. I’m not […]