Flash, the iPhone and the Lenovo Skylight

I spoke a little bit on Friday about the whole Flash and Apple saga, and for the most part, that’s where I was going to leave things until I read an article on Gizmodo. The article is about the rise and fall of the Smartbook, which, for those of you who didn’t know, is part […]

Super Bowl Winners App Helps Us Forget Roethlesberger

Do you remember who won the 1970 Super Bowl? I know Joe “Willy” led the Jets to win in 1969, but how about ’70? How about the 1989 Super Bowl? Give up? At least you’re not thinking about the numerous NFL headlines of “Big Ben” for the moment. The free “Super Bowl Winners” application turns […]

How Rumors Can Burn You

(Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, casting a spell over a crowd. They later all bought a Windows Mobile phone) Back on Wednesday, there was a rumor floating around about WWDC. A very specific rumor mind you, down to the exact timing. It was reported by Tech Trader Daily, and it went like this: Trip Chowdhry, an […]

Wired Goes Live on the iPad

Image via Wired I love Wired magazine. I’ve been a fan since I first picked it up a few years back and I’ve been a subscriber most of that time. Not only is it well written, but it’s also well designed. I think it’s probably my prototype for the perfect magazine. And as of yesterday, […]

Get Put Up for Cheap with Hostelworld.com App

Travelers of the world on a budget unite! The free “Hostelworld.com” application for the iPhone saves money in regards to hotel rooms, and the precious dollars, Euros and pounds can then be used for fun activities in the scenic cities and locales on earth. The “Hostelworld.com” App is a portable version of the site that […]

iPad Versus Netbook

Images via Retrevo I never really understood the whole netbook thing. A buddy of mine at the office bought one, installed OSX on it, then used it for coding on the go. But for me, I just saw it as another way to get a cheap Windows PC back into my life and that was […]