SugarSync App Shares Near Limitless Data Between iPad, iPhone and Friends

Ever wanted to access all of the important files, pictures, business folders and even music from any computer, iPhone, iPod Touch and the newly released iPad? If the answer is yes then the “SugarSync” application is a must download on the iPad, iPhone, MacBook and desktop. A user can even stream their entire music library […]

Apple 1, Amazon 0

In the battle between the iPad and Kindle, it looks like Apple has won the first big battle. PCWorld is reporting that Amazon has given in to 3 publishers, causing a change in their pricing system for e-books. From the article: In order to stay competitive with Apple’s iPad, Amazon needs to keep as many publishers in […]

Software Update 10.6.3 Killed My Adobe Photoshop CS3

It’s been 3 days since I updated to Software Update 10.6.3 and it’s been 3 days that I have not been able to use Photoshop CS3. Photoshop CS3 crashes 3-5 seconds upon initializing and I tell you, I am very, very frustrated by this. I’ve been lurking the Adobe Support Forum and the Apple Support […]

An iPad For Everyone: Seton Hill Gives Fall 2010 Students an iPad Each

We’ve heard about colleges giving students iPads before, but this is kind of a new level. That’s because Seton Hill University is going to give shiny new iPads to everyone of their full-time students starting in the Fall 2010 semester. This is kind of a big deal. From the site: March 30, 2010 – The iPad initiative […]

AT&T and Apple: Buddies For Now

Well, it wouldn’t be a decent day at the office without more talk about AT&T and Apple. This one comes from the Wall Street Journal via PCWorld, and it goes a little something like this: AT&T gave Apple engineers masterclasses in wireless networking in order to address iPhone connectivity woes on the carrier’s network, says […]