Apple Pet Peeves: iTouch

I was at my old job when I first noticed it. The guy across the desk from me came into the office, all excited, carrying an Apple bag. “What’d you get?” I asked. “A new iTouch,” he said. “A what?” “An iTouch. You know, the iPhone looking iPod,” he says. “You mean the iPod Touch?” […]

Get Your iPad in Colors

I’ve always admired ColorWare products from afar. They’ve got a pretty basic premise: send in your stuff, be it an iPhone, iPhone dock, or even an HDTV, paint it, then send it back to you. But really, calling it paint is oversimplifying the process. I’ll let them explain it: After a year of testing and […]

iPad Delayed Overseas

I’ve got a buddy of mine who lives in the UK. Nice guy. I’ve never met him in person or anything, but we’re always chatting about how baseball is better than cricket, and how dentists are overrated. Oh, and Apple stuff. He really wants an iPad, and although I don’t have one yet, I do […]

Apple Introduces New MacBook Pros with Intel Core i5 and i7 Processors

Look at what was in my inbox this morning. New MacBook Pros, all featuring the Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, Nvidiea GeFirce GT 330M graphics processors and longer battery life. So how’s it all break down? Here’s the list of differences, upon first glance (and relying on memory): 13-inch MBP 2.4 or 2.66GHz Intel […]

Brain Trainer App from Luminosity

Some of the top minds in the field of neuroscience have come together to create a cognitive enhancement program to broaden the capabilities of the brain using…an iPhone? The “Brain Trainer” application has been constructed by personnel at top universities, including Stanford, UCSF and Berkeley, to quite simply put: challenge the brain to improve the […]