Lonely Planet London City Guide App is Free for Volcano Relief

Stranded in London as a result of the Icelandic volcano, well seek out the numerous fun sites in one of the world’s most beautiful cities with the “Lonely Planet London City Guide” application. With the flight cancelations across Europe, Lonely Planet is providing its “London City Guide” App for free until Thursday so that the […]

Speculation: iPhone 4th Gen In Summer. Me: No Kidding. (UPDATED)

Certain things can be counted on as eventualities. Death. Paying taxes. iPhones in the summer. That’s because for the past three years, that’s how it’s worked, year after year. So what makes this year any different? So far, not much, but now we have a few clues. First, comes word that Apple has reserved the […]

Sprint Goes After the iPad

Not every mobile phone company out there has a flagship product like the iPhone or iPad to push their plans, so some of them are thinking a bit outside of the box. Like Sprint, for example. They have a new product named the Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot, which creates a mobile internet connection for 5 […]

The Real (Fake) Fourth-Gen iPhone

When I’m out there online hunting for Apple news, I tend to shy away from these posts from other sites about what the next-gen Apple product is or looks like. Sometimes it’s from reputable sources, and other times, it’s on rumor sites designed to stir up the pot. I see these pics all the time, […]

Top 100s by Year App Brings Hit Songs from 1947-2009

For a limited time Bing is offering its “Top 100s by Year” application for free on the iPhone! Get the Top 100 songs of each year from 1947 to the present! Whether there is a party that needs quality mixes, or just a music connoisseur that wants to remember that the Beastie Boys “Intergalactic” (#9 […]

Israel Temporarily* Bans iPad

Got an iPad? Whatever you do, don’t head over to Israel in the next few weeks/months. Turns out that even though Apple is welcome in Israel in general, the Israeli Communications Ministry has been telling customs to confiscate all Apple iPads coming into the country. Why? The Christian Science Monitor says: The announcement “follows the […]