Mac 101: Viewing Servers on the Desktop

I’ve been having some issues with having enough storage recently, specifically, holding all of my photography work in multiple locations, as well as having everything backed up via Time Machine. I was considering purchasing a NAS, but for right now, it just doesn’t seem to be the best idea. Instead, I had to figure out […]

Get All of the Greek Gods Free App

This App is for all of the bookworms out there! Greek gods and mythology is cited in countless amounts of literature worldwide, so why not have access to all of them and instantaneously know exactly who they were and what they did for ancient Greece! The “Greek Gods Free” application literally frees up all of […]

BookArc for iPad

Twelve South is the company responsible for some pretty cool Mac products, including the popular BackPack for iMac, which we reviewed back in February. Now they’ve got another cool little accessory for your desktop, and this one is for the iPad. It’s called the BookArc for iPad, and it’s just what it looks like: It’s […]

Apple Buys Siri

Apple has a lot of money. So much so that they can do anything they want right now, including buying 2,668,445,630 copies of Avatar from the iTunes store, or maybe bailing out Greece. But recently, they decided to spend a little bit of cash on Siri, an app that we reviewed in February. For the […]

Review: MacKeeper

UPDATE: In response to the overwhelming number of negative comments on this review (at the bottom of this page), the company that created MacKeeper has fired back with a response, claiming that they have been the victim of an unethical competitor who’s trying to tarnish their reputation via “paid blog posts, advertisements, and an army […]

Apple May Have Found iPhone Before Police and Gizmodo

One of the advantages of MobileMe is the Find My iPhone feature. It’s pretty handy, because you can search for your lost phone via the web, and even remote wipe it if need be. Enterprise users have the same option as well, making it better for business. It’s been theorized that Apple performed a remote […]

Apple Buys Chip Maker

The New York Times is reporting that Apple has purchased Intrinsity. They build processors used in mobile phones and other devices, and the rumor has been that they helped out Apple with the A4 chip in the iPad. From the article: Ever since Steven P. Jobs, Apple’s chief executive, unveiled the iPad in February, analysts in the […]