Eco Punk App Depicts Environmentalist Extremists Blowing Up Cars

“Now get green, or die!” This is one of the slogans that greet players of the “Eco Punk” game, which is free for one day for the iPhone. Take “Grand Theft Auto” and drop onto the streets an environmentalist that is a skateboarding skeletal punk bunny with a mean attitude. Add a thrashing punk and […]

iPad Release Date Announced

Well, it’s official, the iPad is going to be out on the market soon. Here’s how it breaks down. US: April 3rd for Wi-Fi models only Late April for Wi-Fi + 3G March 12 – Pre-order starts for both models Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland & UK: Late April release date International […]

Stop Trippin’ – Scosche iPod/iPhone Charging Dock/Nightlight

This is just one of those products. You look at it the first time and say, “Man, that’s stupid.” 5 minutes later you’re slapping yourself on the forehead saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Well, you didn’t. Accept it and move on because the people at Scosche have released the reviveLITE II, a docking […]

Gibson Learn & Master Guitar App Has It All

The application for the true guitarist is finally here and free for the iPhone. The “Gibson Learn & Master Guitar” App goes far beyond the simple tuning applications, and approaches the iPhone as a portable tool to be utilized by the musician’s musician. The “Gibson L & M” App provides lessons for beginning, intermediate and […]

Help Me Buy 2 New Macs

Buying new Macs. Now I know my geekiness is shining through again, but the truth is that few other phrases can fill me with such excitement. Sometimes, the mere anticipation of getting a new Mac is almost more exciting than actually buying one. Almost. It’s like this: because my husband and I are such firm […]