iPad – Who’s Buying One and What Model? – Your Responses

The other day, I put it out there: Who’s buying what model iPad? Here’s some of the responses that we posted: Stuart: I def plan to buy one to replace my MacBook at work. At the moment my business, my payroll and accounts are done via an internet accounting site (kashflow.com). So Safari will be […]

Fingerzilla App Causes Catastrophic Fun

Godzilla fans rejoice, as the awesome destructive power of the classic monster is currently free on the iPhone! The “Fingerzilla” application takes the player’s thumb and puts it to good use…destroying cities, property, vehicles and various people. For a limited time the “Fingerzilla” App is free to download in the App Store where it is […]

Steam Coming to Mac? Confirmed

For years, the Mac gaming has been about kids games, new releases released a year after the PC version ships, and lousy gameplay. Now, it’s all been changed. We first posted about this back in February, but now it’s all been confirmed. Steam is coming to the Mac. For the uninitiated, here’s what Steam is, […]