Do Want: Happy Apple Studio Wallet Deluxe

I didn’t pre-order an iPad on Friday. There are a lot of reasons why, but ultimately, it just came down to money. As it turns out, having a baby is expensive. Isn’t that right Mr $500-after-insurance-including-a-$200-“emergency”-fee anesthesiologist? No, I’m not bitter. Not at all. There is another reason why I didn’t buy one, which is […]

iPad the Week After Pre-Order: New Info

So the iPad pre-order was on Friday. With it, came a bunch of interesting tidbits that weren’t previously noted. Take the picture above, for example. Notice anything new? Oh look, there’s now a screen rotation lock. Just the other day I was checking my e-mail on the iPhone and I happened to be in a […]

The Data Plan Question

I came across this article today on, and it brought up a point that I’ve been pondering for the past few weeks: is it better to get a data plan for the iPad from AT&T or a data device from Sprint or Verizon for close to the same price? At first, this seems like […]

Lit2Go on iTunes

I was an English Literature Major, so you’ll understand if I’m more than just a little excited about my new find on the iTunes Store: it’s called Lit2Go, and it’s a collection of classic stories and poems, yours to download and listen to for free. There’s a good selection, with something for almost everybody, from […]

Sportacular App Shoots and Scores

The meeting drags on as the drab droll continues to reflect on the integral usage of office toilet paper, and in the process the March Madness college hoops game slips away. Get a text message on the iPhone that sheds light on the score at the end of each half with the “Sportacular” application. The […]