The only reason I bought this was to hear David Attenborough’s voice for three hours

David Attenborough’s Life Stories Read by David Attenborough Running Time: 3 hrs and 9 mins [Download Link] Growing up, I’d never forget David Attenborough’s voice. At that time, the “Life” series was airing continuously on local television. That was 1979, so it was pretty fresh for the next five or so years, during a time […]

Nook for iPad Coming Soon

Poor Barnes & Noble. They decided that the best way to compete with Amazon and the Kindle was to release their own e-reader. Next thing you know there are delays, then talks of them not coming out by Christmas … it was bad news. Then comes the big killer, the iPad. Oh yeah, remember that […]

Tim Cook Gets Paid

It wasn’t that long ago that we were all fearing for Steve Jobs’ life. Before the big transplant, rumors were swirling about how thin he was, where he was going and what was going to happen next. When he did decide to take that time off, he put his right-hand man in charge: Chief Operating […]

I Hai, I Fixed Your Magic Mouse

As you may or may not know (or care), I’m not a fan of the Magic Mouse. Yes, the multi-touch is cool, and of course, I like the clean looks and streamlined feel. What I don’t like is the way you’re forced to hold the thing, mostly because my mammoth catcher’s mitts can’t hold onto […]

Apparently, Everyone Bought an iPad

Today is iPad day, apparently. The numbers are in – and by numbers, I mean heavy estimates – and they say that a metric ton of iPads have been sold. 120,000 as per an estimate on CNN’s Fortune Brainstorm Tech. Here’s how the numbers break down: 69% bought Wi-Fi only model 31% bought Wi-Fi and […]