Kindle for iPhone App To Make Kindle Extinct?!

With the oncoming approach of Apple’s newest technological juggernaut, the iPad, Amazon quickly released the “Kindle for iPhone” App about a year ago. Why? Well, despite the successes of the digital book reader, the Amazon Kindle, Amazon appears ready to concede the war for the ultimate portable digital reading media device to Apple in the […]

Apple Vs Amazon: It’s War!

OK, so maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But the fact is, Amazon isn’t too thrilled with the iPad, nor with its iBooks store. The iPad represents a huge threat to its e-book sales, and that’s a hit to the bottom line. Amazon does have an advantage, however. Leverage against the publishers. And guess […] Updates – Both Users Very Excited

iWork, Apple’s answer to the Microsoft Office suite, also has an online component. is Apple’s version of Google Docs, and it allows iWork users to share files with both Apple and PC users. I’ve never used it personally, but that’s because I don’t collaborate with anybody. And if I do, I just e-mail them […]

BLEEP THIS Bleep Button App Censors the iPhone

Censorship is *BLEEPed up! Enjoy the power of the iPhone’s very own “Bleep Button!” The App provides a loud and ominous BLEEP at the iPhone user’s command. Is a friend taking a passionate conversation a little too far? Remind them of the fact, that they have to pay the swear jar, by hitting the “Bleep […]

That’s Why I Use a Mac

“PC load letter? What the f*** is that?” Ever since my wife had our child back in February, she’s been staying at home taking care of the little guy. OK, technically, she’s been staying at home since she was laid off in October, but that’s neither here nor there. Last week she got a call […]

Phillips Shows off iPad Accessories

Phillips is known for more high-end electronics and gadgets, but it looks like they want to get in on the iPad craze too. They recently put out this webpage with new products for our favorite tablet device that’s not yet released, including the case pictured above. It’s a reversible sleeve in black and red with velcro snaps […]