Forget iBooks Get the Classics App for the iPhone

Immerse yourself in some of the greatest stories ever written with the “Classics” application, which is currently free for a limited time in the App Store! The interface requires a thumb…that is all. Open the App and see a wooden bookshelf containing the many works; click on a book and the cover is zoomed in […]

Flash Gordon – Do I Care About Flash?

Seems like the hot topic around the old intertubes is about Adobe Flash, and the iPad’s lack of it. The people at Adobe aren’t thrilled with it, as evidenced by this post on their blog, which up until recently, had a little bit of porno to back up their claim. Daring Fireball has been talking […]

Gotcha – Calacanis Hoaxes Twitter Followers

The person above is Jason Calacanis, and he’s pretty famous in the blogging world as being the creator of Weblogs Inc, a mammoth blogging company that pretty much everyone has come across in their travels across the intertubes. He also, apparently, is kind of a dick. Last week, as everyone was getting hyped up about […]